All of my collections are gone after starting the app

Hi all,
today I started Postman app on Mac. Version 7.6.0 (7.6.0)
It asked me to log in and like every other time I clicked “skip signing in and take me to the app”.
Please notice that I never sign up in the past.

Now and all of my collections, runners and tests are gone.
Is there a way to recover them?

Thanks for your time

As a reference for the future …
After few hours looking around, I found that ‎⁨in the folder ~/⁨Library/⁨Application Support/⁨Postman⁩ there are few files called backup-xxxx … I tried to reimport the last one and it seems most of the things are back.
The history still gone thou.

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Hi @MrSkaMan! I’m sorry to hear this happened to you. We encourage you to create an account to take advantage of our sync service so that you won’t need to worry about this ever reoccurring. The backup you accessed is most likely your best bet, however we’re happy to guide you through another attempt at recovery of your history if you reach out to our support team via

We’ll also be publishing an in-depth article explaining the multiple recovery options users have in this or similar situations later today in our Help Center.