Collections disappeared!

I saw that Postman tried to update itself, but had a failure. I manually downloaded the new version, and now almost all of my collections have disappeared. I had 8 folders of apis, now I have only 1. Nothing in trash.

Anything to be done, or did I just lose a ton of work?

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Did you get the sorted?

Are they still here?

@ckohout, @dannydainton,
This happened to me this weekend. Did you ever locate your collections? They are not online or in my app. I lost a ton of work, and it seems to have restored everything to a previous state because some collections that I’d renamed had their old names. The environments i deleted on Friday were back, and the one i created on Friday said “No Environment”. The weird thing is that if i right-click on “No Evironment”, I could update the variables for the new environment I’d created, and I could even update them. But that Environment is nowhere to be found otherwise. When i performed a Sync today, that ability disappeared with it. so strange.

our team collections keeps disappearing every other day, at first I thought I deleted them, but this morning disappeared while I was looking at it. They are not in Trash either. This is not acceptable for a paid application.
Version 7.26.0 (7.26.0) macOS

Did you ever find out anything?

@mojtaba @lkhemani doesn’t sound great, sorry to hear this! Would it be possible to raise a support ticket and send your logs as well as a screen record that shows how to replicate the behavior?