I lost all my collections while upgrading the postman version 9.1.3

Hi All,

Disappointed with the postman update :frowning: Please help!

Recently, I received notification under settings to restart Postman as it has been updated. After clicking on that, postman restarted and presented me with an error which had just “Sign Out” button on it and no other option.
I clicked and lost all 2.5 years worth of collections with that. I followed this article and found few backups but this only gave me 1 collection back.
Is there any alternative way to get the data back? Can I re-open previous version, downgrade or something to have the workspace/collections back?

I’m not sure if I was signed in before but I am now. On postman website, I can only see the collection that I imported from backup recently.



@dannydainton @bpricilla please help!