Lost All Data After Creating Team

I created a team because I thought it would be good to share my work with colleagues.

Unfortunately after I created a team the local mac app wouldn’t let me login and was forcing me to downgrade to version 9 (from 10.x) - see screenshot below. So I had to login online and delete the team. After I was able to log back in to postman v10 - now all of my data is gone…

I looked at backup**.json files, but the newest one is ~18 months old. I was logged in before so I don’t understand why my data wasn’t synched to the cloud. Or was my data moved to the team and then deleted?

Environment Details
macOS: 12.6 (.latest)
Postman: Version 10.0.32 (.latest)

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Hi @postman-api-username

I would suggest checking on here if there is an existing issue and if not, raising one;

I too have one open related to leaving a team and losing all my workspaces, maybe it’s the same issue?..

I have this issue too!!! I don’t know how to roll my self back to a personal account!! This downgrade is not acceptable!!! How come a user interested in a upgrade feature will be treated in such a bad experience???

I will not want to do business with Postman forever!!!