Personal workspace is lost (enterprise login) after upgrade

I was using postman by logging through my enterprise account credentials and had created a team workspace. But I also had personal workspace that did not belong to the team and had lot of collections there.
With the recent postman upgrade, I lost the personal workspaces and only see team workspace.
Is there a way to recover the lost personal workspaces?
My current version is 11.1.14

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Hi @satellite-operator14. Welcome to the Postman Community!

Where you previously using Postman in offline mode in your Personal Workspace? When was the last time you were able to access the lost workspaces?

With your signed in Postman account. Can you go to Settings > Data > Migrate data to see if there’s any data that needs migrating?

Thanks for the reply. It says there is no data available in scratch pad to sync. It was available few days ago (less than a week). Not sure if the upgrade or adding another personal account caused it. (I went through my profile icon, add account and added another account from there).
I lost all my environments and certificates I had added for some domains.

If you’re logged in to a new account, you will need to switch back to the old account to access resources on that account. Additionally, if you’re in the right account, you will need to switch to the team where these resources were created to access them.

Can you confirm that you’re on the right account and team?

I am in the right account. I am only part of one team but my problem is with a workspace that was not part of any team. The workspace that was part of the team stayed in tact. The workspace which was not shared with anyone and personal to me is gone.

It is not letting me add the screenshot/recording. Let me know if there is a way to attach it for better communication.

Okay. That’s really weird.

We will need to take a closer look into your account. Can you please raise a support request here so we can have a closer look into your account specifically to understand what might be wrong.

Thanks for looking into it. I opened the case. is there a behavior change with new version in terms of teams and workspaces? New workspaces are by default created in team now.

Hi @satellite-operator14. There isn’t a behaviour change to teams and workspaces on v11. When you create a new team, everyone on the team is added to a Team workspace.