How to restore data following team deletion

Delete the team and find that the data in My Workspace is missing. How can I restore it?

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Could you provide more details and the context here, please?

  • Was this a free team that you created?
  • Were you the last member of the team?
  • Were you asked to assign the work within your Workspaces to a different team member?
  • Are there are other things that could help explain the issue?

The more information that you can provide, the easier it will be to help you out. :pray:

We shared one from My Workspace, then created a team, then deleted the team and found that there was no data in My Workspace

I’m not really sure what you mean here.

We shared one from My Workspace - We’re there more members in the team? What did you share and where did you share it?

When you went to delete the team, were you the last member of the team or were there still members in there? Were you the admin of the team? Did you assign the data from the team to a different team member before leaving the team?

Without more details, it’s just a guessing game and a series of clarifying questions to try and understand the process that you went through on your side. :frowning:

I created a free team,then delete it,then the datas for My Workspace are gone

If there was data (Collections, Environments, etc) in the Team and you were the only member of the team and you didn’t assigned them to someone else during the delete process - They would have been moved into your Workspace and a non team user.

Were you part of more than 1 team? Do you have a individual accounts listed when you click on the avatar in the top right corner?

Are you using the desktop or web platform (

No, just me in team.I have account.

descktop is usually used, but today’s operation deletes it on the web

It’s extremely difficult to provide assistance here due to the short answers you’re providing and the lack of visual examples to show what you can see. :pray:

Without more detailed explanations, i’m kinda blind here and just guessing at what may be happening or happened during your team deletion. :cry:

Shortly after it was created, it was deleted, and the team was just me, I was the administrator. name of the deleted Team: EQUICK-HY

I create team again, found it exist.


Click Delete, and then delete team. Then the data for My Workspace is gone

Can you restore the deleted team

It should be caused by careless operation here. Can you restore it?

Was the data saved in the Workspace before you hit delete?

What Workspaces do you have after deleting the team?

Do you have a “My Workspace” with the data within it?

I’ve gone through the process and I can see the Collection I created when not in a team > While in a team > After deleting the team.

Collection in the Team that had been created while not in a Team:

Leaving the Team:

Deleting the Team due to being the only member:

Leaving the Team and the data moved to my Personal Workspaces

Postman moving data to Personal Workspace and sending an email once complete:

I only had a single Collection so the data was available straightaway:

The Collection in the Workspace with the Team deleted:

I have same situation to HY-2510 user, could postman team please help to restore team and workspace. @danny-dainton