Losing all collections when updating Postman to v7.0.6

This is very urgent, I lost all my collections/projects and can’t restore it from Trash.

I got popup today in the middle of my work saying that if I want to upgrade to version 7.0.6 either now or later. I selected later and it says ‘if you select later you can still recover your projects and then it asked me to delete all my local files, which I did.
When I logged again, my files were gone.

When I go to MyWorkspace | Team tab I see message ‘You need to have an active internet connection to be able to switch to or create a workspace’. Before this message was saying for long time ‘trying to Sync’.

If I go to Upgrade dropdown in top right corner, pop up ‘Enable Sync to view your team’ comes up with button ‘Enable Sync’. I keep clicking on this button but it doesn’t do anything.

I tried to recover my files from Dashboard Trash - but my files are not there. I thought they are saved for minimum one day!!??

I looked in Recycle Bin but I don’t see files there.

I don’t keep my files on Git, I back them up to local network drive every Friday, so I lost the work for whole this week.

My Postman version is v 7.0.6, my Windows version is Windows 7, Service pack 1.

Thanks in advance,


Hey Mike – I’ve responded to your support request. Let’s continue the conversation there. I’ll circle back up on this thread once we’ve closed out the support thread!

+1 I just upgraded to Postman 7, to fix a syncing problem (cloud connection failing). Now my cloud sync is working, but all my local collections are gone (b/c they never previously synced to cloud).


Sorry to hear that. If you haven’t logged out of Postman yet could you go to Settings > Data > Export Data and select Download all data including data in workspaces I have joined and try importing them again?


That fixed it :tada:

No idea why :man_shrugging:

Hey @zbeat Thats because the collections were always there, however they were not shown in your active workspace. We are still continuing to investigate why that might have happened.

In the meantime the workaround should unblock anyone stumbling on this thing.

In my case, I was not signed in but after the update, I was prompted to signoff, I obliged and now I lost all my collections… Why is that a product upgrade deleted all user application data?
Is there a way out?

The upgrade to v7.6.0 force logged me out and told me my password was incorrect (stored in Google account). When I reset the password and logged in - all my collections are gone. https://web.postman.co/me/trash never opens. I have lost years of work.

Hi @davidrbrooks73

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Sorry to hear you’re facing issue with your data from the application. Let’s first check if you have all of your data synced to your web dashboard which is accessible anytime. To check this please navigate to the below locations and see if your data is present:

https://go.postman.co/me/collections?view=all - All collections

If yes, you can share them back to the respective workspace for your Postman application.

Alternatively, let us try installing Canary to confirm all of the data populates for your account accordingly. The canary build will be installed an entirely separate app/directory – if it works as expected, feel free to continue using it or to uninstall it entirely.

Let us know how it goes, we will assist you further on the same.


After this upgrade, my collections are still there but now suddenly they can’t connect
I didn’t change anything, it just forced me to upgrade and re-login and now everything is broken

Hi @dst792

May I know if the application is unable to connect to the internet?

My fix was to change from “Browse” to “Build” in the bottom right of the screen. It took a while to find. It looked like all the collections were lost after upgrading to 7.33.1. This is because in the other Collections tab, in bold print in the middle of the screen it says: “Looks like you don’t have any collections.”

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Thank you, I imported my collection from backup collection in directory c:\Users\MyUser\AppData\Roaming\Postman\ and it appeared in my workspace :partying_face: