I want more information of #1 and #9 and interested to work on it

Hello Team Postman,

I am Shubham Srivastav. I’m a Student of Parul University, Vadodara ,Gujarat ,studying Computer science Engineering in pre-final year. I really want to work with Postman.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t contribute on open source but I have sharpened my knowledge during my internship. I’m really looking for an opportunity that can enhance my skills, I’m ready to do any task and I believe on myself that I can complete it.

I want to serve my contribution to Postman with, Idea 9: AsyncAPI Diff

And Idea 1: Newman Request.

Please provide me more detail of it which will help to accomplish my work.

l’ll give my best.


Shubham Srivastav

email: srivastav.golu.ss@gmail.com

Please create 2 separate topics moving forward – 1 for each idea.

But for now, please do check newman/CONTRIBUTING.md at develop · postmanlabs/newman · GitHub and Idea #9 : AsyncDiff | General Information

@vinit.shahdeo and @raghav.garg if you could assist him please.


Hey @shub1711,

Thanks for showing your interest. As mentioned by @Sharath_Iyengar, please check out Idea #9 : AsyncDiff | General Information thread.

PS: You can also join #gsoc channel on our slack for more discussions.

All the best for GSoC’21 :v:

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