Personal Idea - Improvements and Bug Fixes to the OpenAPI-to-Postman Converter

Hey, I’m Sarthak Saxena, a pre-final year student studying CSE at SRM IST KTR, Chennai.

I have come up with a proposal for the OpenAPI-to-Postman Converter - Link to the proposal
I have granted access to

I currently have 2 PRs open, I’ve got a basic understanding of the codebase and I’m confident about successfully contributing to the project.

@vishalkumar.shingala @umeshp7 @Sharath_Iyengar Please have a look. Thanks

Thank you so much for sharing this and relevant mentors have been added to the document.

Please wait for 24-48hours to hear from the mentors


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Thanks for sharing this. Love that you’re contributing already, and please continue irrespective of GSoC :nerd_face:


@meenakshi.dhanani Thanks! I would like to keep contributing! It’s fun and educational already, but honestly getting selected would help me get a lot more motivation to do that :joy:. But I know it’s not easy to get in as there are very few slots.

Also wanted to inform you and the other mentors that I have an offline NPTEL certification exam on 24th April, and as it is a credit transfer to my ongoing semester, I’ve got to start studying after submitting the proposals on 13th. That might affect my contributions during that time period to some extent. @Sharath_Iyengar Can you please consider this and let the respective mentors know if required.


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Thank you for sharing this and @meenakshi.dhanani and others will take this into account as per our internal selection process but do note we cannot guarantee anything. Hope you understand and do keep contributing and become a strong member of our awesome community :slight_smile:


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Thanks! @Sharath_Iyengar. I will surely keep contributing as and when I’m able to figure out solutions to the existing issues, I’m trying to solve one as of now. Also, I was referring to the period post selection and not trying to get any information regarding selection.

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