Idea #9 : AsyncDiff | General Information

Hello community :wave:,

We’re opening this thread for those who’re looking to be a part of GSoC under the Postman Organization and interested in contributing to AsyncDiff idea.

If you haven’t checked GSoC’21 Guidelines and AsyncAPI Ideas - General Information thread yet, please check those first before you proceed here. These two threads are a must read.

Let’s take a look at the Idea #9 - AsyncDiff

AsyncDiff does exactly what you think it does! The generated diff shows what has changed between v1 and v2 of the document.

It’s basically a library which compares two AsyncAPI Documents and generates diff between the two. Diff is needed in the review process, so the reviewer gets an overview of specification changes. The diff can be a part of changelog/release notes, so users can easily spot what parts of the document have changed so they can understand how the changes could affect them.

This idea is originally a feature request from the community. A few points to note:

  • The AsyncDiff library can be in any language of your choice, provided it can act as a plug & play module, so later it can be used to build a UI like this.

  • There are a few existing libraries such as openapi-diff and swagger-diff that compare two OpenAPI Specifications. Some ideas can be picked from these libraries.

  • Anyone comparing two AsyncAPI specifications is most likely to be interested in checking the compatibility between the two versions. If developers keep this use case in mind while developing the library, it can help them make better design decisions.

Feel free to drop your thoughts here. You can also join #gsoc channel on our slack for more discussions.

Wishing you a great GSoC journey! :v:

~ Vinit Shahdeo