How to remove workspaces?

Trying to remove a workspace I created, however, when I click on manage it takes me to “” why is this app taking me to a webpage?

Yes, It does the same to me. If you want to remove work space follow below instruction.

  1. In right-down corner. you would see options - Build, browse.
  2. select browse
  3. In right-top corner. click on … placed next to ‘Add to work space’
  4. select delete - to delete the work space.

Hi @orlandokarisbrown and @amjathk! Apologies for the confusing link - we’re pushing a web dashboard update so that users can manage workspaces there as well as in-app. At the moment you’ll want to use @amjathk’s steps for any necessary workspace edits and the new page we’re expecting to go live within 24-48 hours.

Oh my!!


Hope this improves!!

Aha I see, no probs!! many thanks!