Issues removing team workspaces while on the free plan

We currently have a larger team than allowed for the free plan. We don’t use the collaboration features, so we aren’t concerned about what we can’t access.

However, whenever a team member creates a workspace, it defaults to creating a team workspace:

The other workspace options hint if a different payment plan is required, but for a team workspace, this is only shown after the workspace is created. This is annoying because users don’t always check and then create a workspace they can’t use.

However, the main problem is that we also cannot do anything to remove those spurious workspaces. Even as an admin, I cannot get far enough into those workspaces to access their settings and remove them.

Is there any other way for an admin to delete (or even export) workspaces while on the free plan?

Hi @david.driver. Welcome to the Postman Community.

A workspace admin is able to delete a workspace they created. What errors do you get when you try to delete a workspace?

I cannot get that far. The sidebar to access the delete function is not responsive because of the popup.

When I arrive in a team workspace I see this

The same happens with any other team workspace

Any other attempt to arrive at the workspace produces the following

So I don’t know what else I can do to delete the team workspaces.

When do you get this popup? You’re unable to access anything in the workspace at all, including collections you already created due to this pop up showing up?


I use the options available on the popup, but I cannot remove the popup itself to access anything underneath.

The free plan allows a maximum of three collaborators in a single workspace. When you invite more that 3 people to the workspace, you’re placed on a 14-day free trial to explore the basic plan which allows you collaborate with more than 3 people in a team workspace.

Your free trial seems to have expired which is why you’re getting this popup. You can click on the “Manage Team” button in the pop up to remove some team members so you have a maximum of three people in your team workspace. This should automatically take you back to the free plan.

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