Manage workspaces doesn't work

I just got the 6.0.6 update and created my first new Workspace. When I click Manage under the workspace name, I get sent to the Collections area of the Postman website, but can’t seem to track down where to actually manage my workspaces. Am I doing something wrong?

Hi Jake,

In the lower part of Postman you should find a switch between the two modes: Build and Browse. Does this take you to where you want to go?

I have created a video to explain a bit the Workspaces.

If you want you can check it out:

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Wow thanks Valentin! You’re right. Completely un-intuitive!!

You’d expect the Manage link to do something, but it doesn’t.

Once I went to Browse and then clicked the ellipsis in the upper right, I was able to edit. Crazy un-intuitive!

Also, very cool that you can link your collections across workspaces so you don’t have to re-import and keep multiple versions in sync!

Thanks for your help!

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