Collection Tab is Self minimizing

My question:
Hi Folks- I’ve been using Postman for 6 months or so, and all of a sudden after the most recent update, the left side of the screen with the collection folders and request lists have suddenly started to minimize. Besides the update, I did add someone to my workspace, and that triggered the free trial of paid Postman (something my workplace is looking at getting for us, but I don’t need right now).

This is beyond annoying- I like having my list of collections static. I know this is due to my laptop’s resolution, as it is currently the recommended 2256 x1504 with 200% scaling (its a Framework laptop with more of a square than wide screen). If I set it 1920 X 1080 the list becomes static again. Is there a way to make the collection folder list thing static at higher or different resolutions? Is this because of the free trial for Paid Postman?

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How I found the problem:
This occurred after a Postman update a few days ago.

I’ve already tried: Changing to a suboptimal resolution will fix this, but it was working fine for months before.

Hi @joint-operations-c19

Could be related to these open issue,

Yes, that looks to be it, thank you. I hope they add an override to the ability. I get that things are going to look different on different monitors, but give us the choice of how it looks.

Thanks for taking the time to report this.

The team is looking to resolve this short term as we’re making efforts to accommodate a wider range of viewport sizes.

I’ll keep this thread updated with our progress in the meantime.

@joint-operations-c19 Regarding the free trial, if you remove that person from your team/workspace then you’ll be moved back to the Free plan. More info here: