Hide the left-most navigation sidebar

I am trying to reclaim some screen space - I have to frequently resize panes in the Postman app because not everything fits onscreen.

I need to retain visibility of the API collection sidebar on the left (fig. 2 in screenshot), but I never ever use the navigation sidebar on the very left (fig. 1). There is a convenient show/hide sidebar button on the bottom-left (fig. 3), but this toggles both sidebars together.

Is there a way to hide just the navigation bar?

Version info:
Postman for Windows
Version 10.12.7
UI Version 10.12.7-ui-230323-0809
Desktop Platform Version 10.12.0
Architecture x64
OS Platform win32 10.0.19044

Already attempted:

  • Looked through File/Edit/View/Help menus and Settings menus several times
  • Searched Google as well as this forum

Same question here :person_raising_hand:

In the latest version, you can right click on the sidebar and hide the labels.

This will give you some more space and still show the elements.