Desktop agent not running after working first time on my PC

I am just getting started with postman and i am facing a strange issue with postman desktop agent.
i am using postman web for sending a simple get request to openweather API. to use postman web i downloaded desktop agent. it works for once and i am able to send the get request in postman web as well as get the current weather data. then i quit the desktop agent and after a few minutes when i try again to run the desktop agent to send request via postman web. i get a prompt that “this app cant run on your pc. find a version for your pc or check with publisher” even though it workrd once.
so i uninstalled the desktop agent and reinstalled it again but again it works for a few times .but if i quit the desktop agent and try to run it again it gives the same prompt “this app cant run on your pc. find a version for your pc or check with publisher”. so i once again uninstalled and reinstalled it. it works as long i dont quit for first time but after quiting i get the same prompt.

i have first tried to download the postman desktop app but on website it only shows me 64 bit download option, while my window is 32 bit and pc is of 64 bit. so i have to use the postman web…if any one could provide a link to download the 32 bit version of postman desktop it would be helpful or if you could help why desktop agent not working properly.

Hey there!

I’m sorry you seem to be having trouble with this!

While there is no official link to the 32-bit version of the desktop agent for windows on the website, editing the link to say win32 instead of win64 seems to work.

Hope this helps! :smile: