Postman Web doesn't connect to running Desktop Agent

The Desktop Agent is running. I start the web version of Postman and I am logged in. Still the connection to the Desktop Agent fails.
Sometimes, after a restart, there is a connection but I don’t know why the connection sometimes fails. A reinstall of the Desktop Agent doen’t help.

Hi @aviation-administra1. Welcome to the Postman Community.

What error do you get when it fails?

None. In the Postman taskbar the indication for the Desltop Agent stays “Red”.

Okay, I am not very certain what the issue could be. But ensure that:

  • You have the latest version of the Desktop Agent Installed.
  • No VPN or proxy is in use that prevents connecting to Postman.
  • If it still does not work, you can submit a support request that indicates what you’ve already tried and includes your logs. To find them, go to the menu bar > select the Desktop agent icon > Developer > View logs.

Alternatively, we have the option to auto-select an agent for you. This option selects either the Desktop, Cloud, or Browser Agents depending on which is available.

Your remark about the proxy helpt. I checked my proxy settings and they were gone.
I shoud have enviroment setting SET HTTP=… and SET HTTPS=…
I restored them and after a restart everything worked fine.

Thanks for the help.


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