Desktop Agent showing disconnectd

Can someone please help me fixing the Postman Desktop agent issues.

  • When I try to send a request using postman web, where the send button disabled and saying that to install Desktop Agent.
  • I have already installed Desktop Agent and it’s running. Also, I’ve changed the postman agent to desktop from the bottom of the postman web(using play button)
  • But still i’m unable to make api calls and the send button still disabled and saying to install desktop agent.
  • I’ve even tried multiple times restarting my laptop, uninstall and re-installing postman desktop agent.

Note - i’m unable to use cloud agent, as i’m sending https requests to my local node application and it’s on organizational asset.


I have installed postman desktop agent and it’s running.
But, still the send button disabled and asking me to install desktop agent.
Is it something wrong with the configuration.

You kind help will be well appreciated. Thanks in advance