Postman Agent Connection Issue

Hello Team, Looking your expertise to resolve this issue with desktop agent. I just started using Postman for some API testing. I started using POSTMAN browser and then to adding SSL certificates, asking to download Postman Agent.

Then I downloaded the agent and now I have the following issue. The agent does not seem to be connected and the web application does not realize Postman Agent is installed. It says Desktop Agent unavailable and when I try to add certificate, PFX file field itself greyed out, hence unable to upload the SSL certificate. Please refer the screenshots.

Note: I tried with Chrome and Microsoft edge browsers but no help.

Can anyone help with this?

Desktop agent version: โ€˜Postman-Agent-win64-0.4.15-Setupโ€™
Windows 64 bit version

Screens added here in below for reference


Hey @bensonjose2000 :wave:

Welcome to the Postman Community! :postman:

Are you still facing issues here with using the agent?

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