POST Create Workspace using Postman API doesn't work, even with the default Body

Hi everyone!
I’ve tried to create a workspace in the Postman using the Postman API and POST Create Workspace endpoint. I am able to create a workspace manually using the Workspace tab in the GUI, but I wanted to test and create the workspace using Postman API.

docs: Postman API

I get 400 Bad Request every time I try and I do everything according to the documentation. Is there anything more I should add or change in the postman? I thought that only API key is needed. Below you can find the screen

I’ve already tried: Changing body of the request to more custom, with different names for collections etc. Still I get the 400 status with name parameter “instanceNotFoundError”

Has anybody encountered such an issue? :slight_smile:

Hi again! I managed to create a workspace using POST Create Workspace endpoint, but in the request Body, I send only workspace object - without any collections,mocks etc. I send request with the body like this:

And I’ve got the 200 OK status so the Workspace has been created successfully. Nonetheless, I believe that the request example in the documentation is misleading and it doesn’t work with additional JSON objects (collections, mocks, monitors to create with the workspace).