How to retrieve the collections for my team's workspace via API?

Hi all,

I’m looking to use the Postman API to programmatically access collections for a particular workspace in my team. However, whenever I call GET, I always get back an empty list - presumably because my personal workspace doesn’t have any collections.

Is there a way to get the collections associated with my team’s workspace (which I’m a part of, confirmed by calling GET rather then the collections for just my personal workspace? Do I need to generate a team-wide API key of some sort rather than my own personal key?

Thank you in advance for any insight you might have!


I solved this by creating a copy of the collection, which appears in the response body of the GET /collections endpoint. This works to solve my problem, but this is an interesting issue - do you only see collections created after generating the API key used to make the request? I’m not sure, but at least making a copy of the collection helped me. Hopefully it helps someone else as well.