Can't delete API after removing it from workspace

My team colleague created an empty API by a mistake. I wanted to delete it but I couldn’t so I removed it from the workspace which resulted into a state where none of us can find the API to delete it even-though it is still visible in our resources.
How can we delete this API?

Hey @privorka! Just to clarify, in what resource view is the API still visible — would it be possible to post a screenshot? If you could please check if your colleague (the API creator) is able to delete it, that would be the best place to start.

Hi @claire,
the only place that we see the API is in the usage detail of APIs ( We don’t see it in any other place than this and neither of us can actually delete it/rename it or do anything. It just doesn’t show up in any other place than usage detail. So we can’t delete it or use it but it’s still counted as a resource that we have.