Can No Longer Connect to GitHub Repository

Hi, up until a couple weeks ago my account had the ability to push/pull/etc to my GitHub account. Suddenly, that feature is gone. I don’t have and have never had Enterprise level account.

I used to just go into the API section where I had my repository connected and merge/pull/etc from there but its just… gone. I can’t click Create an API without it asking me to buy Enterprise account. I don’t even want to create an API I just want to connect my repository.

I’m using PM version: October 2023 (v10.19)


Hey @dylan-neal :wave:

You shouldn’t need an enterprise account to create those or see the ones that you have previously.

Did you have multiple APIs across different Workspaces?

Hi @danny-dainton Yes actually, I believe we had three different APIs across three different workspaces all linked to my GitHub

If you hover over the Create an API link, you will see the following message. There is a limit of 3 APIs per account for certain plans.

Previously created APIs should still be present in the Workspaces that they were created within but you wouldn’t be able to create any new ones.

There is a previous topic opened around this suject that might give you more context.

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