Could not open Postman

I just installed postman on my fresh Windows 10 box and get the message “Could not open Postman”. I have tried both the x64 and x86 versions. Any idea how to get more information about the cause of the error?


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A small tip here which will help to see better logs on the issue for debugging.

Opening the app through cmd.
I would recommend you to install (if already installed, open the app) using the command prompt. This will give us more debug information on what is going wrong.

Kindly share us the logs from there with your system config :slight_smile:

No other messages are written to the console.

@karl.moss Any specific error logs popping up?
could you share a screenshot?

This is the only log I could find:

2018-06-18 06:17:50> Program: Starting Squirrel Updater: --processStart Postman.exe

2018-06-18 06:17:50> Program: Want to launch ‘C:\Users\saskmo\AppData\Local\Postman\app-6.1.3\Postman.exe’

2018-06-18 06:17:50> Program: About to launch: ‘C:\Users\saskmo\AppData\Local\Postman\app-6.1.3\Postman.exe’:

There is no output on the screen.

Can you manually open the file C:\Users\saskmo\AppData\Local\Postman\app-6.1.3\Postman.exe using cmd ?

Shared window not present!

Can you check for any postman process running and close them? before opening the app?


ORM initialization successful

App events bus { data: { isTrusted: true },

name: ‘booted’,

namespace: ‘shared’ }

Pop up message: Could not open Postman

@karl.moss Apologies for the delay response,
we are having a hard time reproducing this bug. It would be helpful if you could help me with more details, by enabling the ELECTRON_ENABLE_STACK_DUMPING=true and ELECTRON_ENABLE_LOGGING=true environment variables. This gives the internal logs.

I don’t see any additional log output, either to the console or to a file.

Try removing c:\users\[USER]\AppData\Roaming\Postman
and open the app.

PS: This will delete your existing Postman data.

If the issue still persists, contact us to help[at]getpostman[dot]com with a screencast. We shall take it further.

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Removing the AppData dir did the trick.



I am having the same issue. Where can I find the Postman data on Mac?


Try the below steps for Mac.

Open the postman folder [ path : ~/Library/Application Support/Postman ​ ] and delete the folder and try reopening the app.


This works for me! Thank you so much.

I am facing same issue on Window 10.

@mdimran Try to remove your local data by deleting the Postman folder.

Full instructions are outlined in this doc:

On Windows, open File Explorer and paste in the Path field
C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\Postman​ and

If you have multiple versions of the app installed on your computer - please make sure to remove them before reinstalling the app.

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Thanks, it’s started working :+1:.

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