Postman won't start

I tried reinstalling Postman several times, but it gets stuck on the loading screen and never opens. A coworker tried emptying the cache and deleting local temp files. He also tried launching it from command prompt and it gave this error:

ORM initialization successful
App events bus { name: ‘booted’, namespace: ‘shared’ }
App events bus { data:
{ adapterMethodName: ‘find’,
{ adapterMethodName: ‘find’,
modelIdentity: ‘workspacesession’,
name: ‘AdapterError’,
raw: [Object] },
isOperational: true,
modelIdentity: ‘workspacesession’,
{ _e: {},
inner: {},
message: ‘Maximum IPC message size exceeded.’,
name: ‘UnknownError’ } },
name: ‘booted’,
namespace: ‘requester’ }

I’m using windows 10.

@snbudzisz Could you download the latest version of the app and confirm that it is working correctly?

Here’s the link: :smile: