Convet personal workspace to public workspace

Hello Everyone,
I want to know how to convert a personal workspace to publica workspace?
And is private workspace or personal workspace is same?

Hi @thefierycoder
You can change the visibility of the Workspace by going to Workspaces at the top left corner, and clicking the three dots next to the workplace you wish to modify, this will expand a menu with a list of operations you are able to perform.

Click on edit and on the right side you will see Visibility → clicking on the arrow there, will allow you to change the visibility of the Workspace

Please note that if this is your default Workspace you will not be able to amend it’s visibility

In that case what you can do is export your collections → create a new public Workspace and then you’ll be able change it’s visibility at any time.

You can read up more about the processes listed above here:

Best Regards,
Atanas Ameti