Collections not displayed after update

Hey, I am working behind a firewall so cannot sign in to Postman. Now when I opened it all my collections are gone after some update that was automatically done and I cannot sign in.

After years of using Postman, I never want to use Postman again. Forcing updates, disabling functionality, and losing months of work.

Hey @security-geoscient12 :wave:

We announced back in May that the we were sunsetting the Scratch Pad feature and introducing a Lightweight API Client. The blog post also contains a list of Frequently Asked Questions about these changes.

You will be able to Export your data from the Lightweight API Client (Signed Out Version) using the ⚙️ > Settings > Data > Export data menu option.

However, in order to Import this back into Postman, you will need to create an account, which you now have by posting on the forum.

If you would to discuss the different options available to you, please drop us a message at

The PC where I had the collections is behind a firewall so I cannot sign in and all my collections are gone. The only thing I have is a history of api’s.

I had everything set up with collections, environments, etc now Postman seems like a completely different program with limited functionality unless I sign in - in which I can’t.

You don’t need to sign in to Export that data, if you open the app and select the Lightweight Client option, you should be able to go to the ⚙️ > Settings > Data > Export data menu option.

The blog post I linked in my message explains the changes that have been made.

Hi Danny. I experienced same problem. I assume you work for postman. Please let the project manager who came up with this horrible idea know that the postman used to be a good tool til he/she destroyed it. Thank you.

Similar situation here. In addition to not being able to connect outside the internal network where postman is used, data protection and compliance also does not allow me to store that data on US servers anyway. So long, then, guess I will have to write my own API-testing-frontend now. Thanks. :l

I’m with the previous commenter here, whoever is responsible for approving this change should be fired and I wish so badly that I had seen the linked announcement when it came out, that way I wouldn’t now have to scramble to avoid this bullsh!t.

Hey @research-astronomer2

There would have also been a banner with the message at the top of the Scratch Pad, informing users of the changes.

The process to Export your Scratch Pad data from the signed out app would be, to go to the ⚙️ > Settings > Data > Export data menu option.

Hey @4256831

Thank you for the feedback - Appreciate you creating a free Postman account to share that with us. :pray:

The topic has been closed to avoid similar follow up messages. The steps to Export the data from the Lightweight API Client (Signed Out Version) have been shared on the topic.