Postman deleted all my collections

Where are my collections?

I had a lot of collections in Postman to do my daily work. I was working today normally and then none of my calls reached the endpoint, so I spent hours debugging… at the end it was your client closing my calls to force me to create an account in your servers… which I didn’t. As a result it changed to a “simple” client and all my collections are not there anymore, even now that I logged in…

As it was discussed by other user, I don’t want to store my information in your servers. Who the hell made this decission? are you crazy? forcing users to store their data in your servers, blocking the calls without notifying, removing their data for their computers. You are costing me hours of work and make me disturb my clients because the sensitive information has to be requested again…

What shall I do now? request my hours of work and my client’s too to you so you can pay me all this wasted time? fire a lawyer against you?

If you are going to suicide your own product at least let us know in advance.

I’ve not seen this kind of posts opened recently so I suppose you delete it, wow Postman… wow…


Hey @mission-geoscientis9 :wave:

Your data from Scratchpad is not missing but you will need to take an action depending how you’re using Postman.

Back in May, we announced the sunsetting of Scratchpad and the introduction of the Lightweight API Client. The announcement blog also contains a number of Frequently Asked Questions around these changes. There was also a dismissible banner placed in the app, informing user of this upcoming change.

The Lightweight API Client allows you to send HTTP, WebSocket, gRPC, and GraphQL requests to test your APIs. All of your work in the Lightweight API Client is stored locally and isn’t synced online with Postman.

How can I access my data and bring it back into Postman?

Your data can be Exported from the Lightweight API Client using ⚙️ > Settings > Data > Export menu option. However, you would need to be signed in to Import this into Postman.

Alternatively, once signed in, you can Migrate all your Scratchpad data into a new Workspace using ⚙️ > Settings > Data > Migrate data menu option and contiune using Collections, Environments and all the other Postman features.

I’m going to close this topic as there are several similar questions that have already been asked over the last 7 days.