Need help with discontinuation of postman desktop

hi All,
I was using postmat nad now after updating to 10.18 iam only able to use the lightweight api version of it and for rest i have to login.
Can anyone help me to identify the release in which this change was rolled out.
Also, i don’t see all the collections that i had created in my desktop version.

Is it possible to use the previous version where login was not mandatory?

Hi @rupagmorningstar,

The new lightweight API client (and sunsetting of the Scratch Pad) was announced back around May this year.
The Scratch Pad was no longer available starting with the September 15th release.

Since collections as a concept does not exist in the lightweight API client (Only a feature in Postman workspaces with a cloud account), you will have to migrate your data to a Postman account in order to recover the data created in the Scratch Pad.

Please see the FAQ listed at the bottom of this page and feel free to reach out if you have any other questions or concerns. :slight_smile: