Postman - my local api calls/collections are moved

The new update told me to login if I want to see my stored collections and api calls - else I go into lite mode or whatever.

You held my api calls as hostage. So I grudgingly sign up, and log in (to access my local stuff, I have to log in, who came up with this stuff), and then I see nothing.

All of my collections, all of my APIs gone.

I have to now spend my work hours rebuilding something I had been using locally for the past 6 months.

To give you the level of annoyance - I literally am spending energy now to post this here.

You were a tool I loved since 2015. What got into you? Why are you trying to be something more than what you were? Why make things complicated?

Hey :wave:

Your Scratch Pad is very safe and accessible.

You can Migrate your data in a new Workspace using the ⚙️ > Settings > Data menu option. You could also Export your data from the Lightweight API Client using the following method.

You would have needed to read and click through this information during the update process.

All the information around this change was published in our blog post in May.

be warned that by choosing to migrate the data you are effectively uploading everything to the Postman managed servers on the net, this is not normally a problem but make sure your organization, and most importantly your customers are OK with this before migrating otherwise there might be potential problems down the line.

If you want to keep working offline there are alternatives, most of the competition is actively working on exploiting the blunder, but most probably not everything will be covered out of the box from the start.

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If you require more security based information and a set of FAQs, you can find that here:

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