Collections disappeared!

@numaan Yes, i tried reverting back to the precious version. That did not help at all. Month’s worth of work is gone now. Very disappointed.

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@dale.wiggins I only see one backup file which is only 1 kb. and that doesn’t import anything. I have to start from scratch again. :frowning:

I lost 3 months.

…well in Oct this happened before and I lost a LOT more.

right now it’s @$%^ Postman. It is costing me time and money, but I like the app very much. This is such a red flag though, it’s like your own kid committing a felony.

Once I realized downgrading didn’t help, and I got the prompt again to upgrade, I figured I might as well. After that I was able to find that backup file from a month ago. But note that it’s not syncing back to my account on the web (still shows a clean slate there). I think because of this websocket error shown. I don’t have any network settings preventing websockets. Is using websockets for this new to version 8?


Thanks a lot! it works!!!

This was it! Thank you!

@numaan I am also having this issue and none of the options that have been suggested in this thread have fixed the issue. I’m hoping I can get help on this soon, as this is really impacting my ability to use Postman at all and I need it for my job! Thank you!

Looks like one big foobar mess by Google!

The collection disappeared just after mac reboot,
Now I see the blanc pages with “Request not found” where previously there were something I’ve spent several hours on -

Version 8.6.1 (8.6.1) (previously was no postman installed)

quite a blocker for considering putting any money into that tool, lesson learned.

Updated to newer version and I’m having the same issue. Some requests just disappeared.

If I open the web version I can still see the requests but there empty now. How is this possible?

Anyway to get my requests back? This is unacceptable.

I’m sure this has been posted, but I just had this issue. During Install process, I selected “Move To Workspace”, only my environments migrated - all my collections where gone.

I found this article to walk through exporting a scratch pad collection and importing into the logged in work space. Postman 8: bringing scratch pad into a workspace - #18 by Dishi_Mittal