Collections dissapearing

Hi, after updating to the latest postman (9.0.5) version i’ve been having strange issues with my collections.

It seems that at startup, postman tries to download all the collections from the cloud, seems like there are occasional issues

  1. sometimes when I click on a request, I see “Request not found” in the main window
  2. Sometimes complete collection folders don’t appear at all

restarting postman 2 or 3 times and the issue will usually go away. It seems that postman is getting some error downloading the collections from the cloud and doesn’t properly retry or something like that.

I do have a lot of collections/requests, maybe 1000 requests in total. Any way to troubleshoot this issue?

On another note, I really don’t even want my collections in the cloud, how can I convert to use my locally stored collections only. When I logout of postman all my collections are gone (pretty bad user experience).