Collection Runner works with one account but not in another?

This is an odd one! I have a Pro account for work and one of my team members does not. She built a a number of collections with tests, exported and sent to me. I imported the collections and tried to run them in collection runner. No joy, on clicking RUN nothing happens. Each endpoint with work on its own, just not in the runner. If I manually copy each entry to a new collection they will run in the runner.

After an hour + of fighting with this I logged out of my Pro account and into my personal free account, imported my colleague’s collection and the bast… thing runs in the Collection Runner no problem.

Does anyone have a clue why this is happening? I have had no problem with any other tool in Postman.

Neutered Collection + Env.

@chris.loughnane This doe seem really weird.
I imported your collection and I am not seeing any logic in there that I feel would be an issue.

If you open the Console and then run the collection, the failing scenario.
Are there any errors or anything in the logs?

Would love to troubleshoot this a bit more with you. Also, welcome to the community :slight_smile:

@chris.loughnane That’s strange. Can you try deleting some of the existing collection runs and then try running the collection again?

Also, can you tell me roughly about the total number of collections you have (across workspaces)?

Also, try importing the collection in a different workspaces and then try running it?

I have tried so many different combinations of deleting and same problem.

14 Workspaces with between 3~7 collections in each. Only a few of those collections are large, most are 4~7 endpoints.

I have tried importing it in many different new and existing workspaces, personal and team.

It’s a puzzler. When I get a chance I’ll export all my collections and delete them (except for our live documentation).

Okay guys, I just redid the import of collections and env. and everything worked on my home machine with my Pro account. This was not the case with multiple other login/logouts. I’ll investigate more when I get back to the office on Tuesday and report my findings.

@tmccann Thanks :slight_smile:

Thats great news!

Keep us posted on your findings as this does seem like an odd issue and I would be curious how we can recreate it.

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