Running my collection passes, but the test within doesn't

From the left-hand Collections pane, when I click on my collection and the blue Run button, Collection Runner opens up with a list of my successful passing runs. When I click on a passing run and then select the blue Retry button, it says an error occurred. Furthermore, if I open up that collection, go to the Tests tab, and hit the blue Send button, I get the “Could not get any response” message. Could some kind soul please help me make sense of this?

Hey @mikemcguire

Welcome to the community :wave:

Are you able to post some images of that flow to help visualise the issue you’re facing.

Is this making a call to an API that you have control of or an external set of endpoints?

Are you using any environment files in the Runner or for the single requests?

Also, adding details about the version your OS would be useful to others reading the question. :grin:


I got it figured out, but I really appreciate your willingness to help - thanks!


No worries, What was the issue in the end?

I’m embarrassed to say…

Wrong login credentials… sigh…

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