Postman runner isn't running request in the collection

So I have a collection of 5 different requests all of which have their own tests specified. They are simple tests such as verifying the response code returned. However when I try to use the collection runner, only the first two requests are being ran and the run completes before finishing the other requests. Is there something I am missing? I tried to look into the requests to see if my pre-request scripts might be different or the tests may be off but I cannot see anything.

Another thing to note is when I run them individually they work, but when I try to run them as a collection I have no luck. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

@matthabeck, Welcome to the community.

As per your statement above, Can you please confirm that you have selected all the requests to be run in the collection runner? like below, else please share more details/collection to look and help on it.