Latest update in postman broke my team collections

Today i updated my postman and after the update i was not able to run my team collections. i have both personal collection and team collections. my personal collections is working fine.

I created one new collection in my personal workspace and i shared each collection from it is working. these kind of updates are really difficult for an end user to understand.

Hey @shamseer, this is not an expected behaviour. Can you reach out to from your registered id?

I have a monitor that runs hourly that started failing every run starting at 2pm yesterday (2018-09-18). The same collection with the same environment runs successfully from the app. I wonder if it’s related. My collection makes a login request and stores an access token in the environment for later requests to use; the login succeeds but later requests that use the token fail. (I can’t - yet - prove that’s the cause, though.) I wonder if something changed in the handling of environment variables.