Collection Context Menu organization

An idea to improve Postman UX/UI

The issue
The collection menu now contains 20 items. Although I work with Postman very often, I always need some time to find the right item.

E.g. I want to run the collection. I make a right-click on the collection and 20 lines menu appears. I need to go through and find the item “Run collection”.

I propose to add simple icons to the menu items. E.g. “Run collection” would have a green “Play button”, etc. This would help to choose the menu item more quickly (without less mental effort).

Hi @KarelHusa

Have you checked the open feature requests?
If it doesn’t exist already feel free to add it.

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Thanks @w4dd325 , I just did what you suggested: Collection Context Menu organization (UX/UI Enhancement) · Issue #11837 · postmanlabs/postman-app-support · GitHub