How many collections can be run in parallel using Collection runner

Let’s say I have got a workspace with 30 collections. If I execute “run collection” for each of these, can Postman UI run 30 collections? Will Postman run them all or there’s a threshold for how many collections it can run in parallel? I can also open 30 browsers and execute each collection separately. I want to understand if the ability to run collection has any threshold in relation to the subscription plan.

I know about Newman. My question is specific to Postman UI.

Hi @joint-operations-ar3

Not sure I have the answer to your question but I’m curious…

If you are referring to running the Postman “collection runner” in the UI, the limitation wouldn’t be how many runners can run concurrently but how fast you as a manual user could click through and start each collection runner… But this approach would not truly be concurrent as some runners would surely stop by the time you started more.

Are you looking at some way of automating the collection runners in the UI?

I’m using Newman for automation and have a Basic plan. I was documenting the WHY behind using Newman for the automation and besides the same reason which you’ve mentioned (I tried it and the same happened - runners were faster to complete than I could spin :smiley: ), I also wanted to note down any threshold limitation in using Postman directly which may be related to the subscription plan.

A related follow-up - When Postman UI runs, is it loaded with JavaScript required to run the Postman framework, and actually, it’s just my browser and my machine’s resources which are utilized or the request goes to Postman servers that do the hits and stream results?