How to use the desktop APP to quickly run a (sub)folder?

My question:
I have a collection with folder and sub folder, I wish to run a given (sub)folder easily from the desktop Postman application.

For eg, I have folders

  • “clean & setup” which clean postman var and create all the resources necessary to execute the other folders.
  • “login” which create required token necessary to execute the other folders.

Details (like screenshots):
I have postman v9.13

How I found the problem:

  • Unlike collection, folder 3 dots menu don’t have a “run collection” entry.
  • “Run collection”, “run order” screen does not have a way to select/deselect a given folder
  • “Run collection”, “run order” does not display the folder name without moving the mouse over the request.
  • “Run collection”, “run order” does not have keyboard shortcut which could allow me to quickly select a range of request.

How can we run a folder quickly ?

I wish to have:
A way to run quickly one or more folder.

suggestion :

  • In the folder menu, a menu entry “run all request from this folder now” which just run the request in order without any prompt.
  • in the runner “run order” screen, a way to select the requests by folder.

I’ve already tried:
I know about postman command line run folder feature, but I’m looking for an “in app” / UI solution.

Hi @christophe.guilmart

Not sure if I have misunderstood your question but if I choose “Run Collection” I can select folder and subfolders;



I’m using Postman version 9.13.2

Hope that helps…

Thanks for your answer.

Is that the collection panel ?

When I click on a folder in the collection panel, the “folder” tab open and the “runner” tab go behind. It does not change the runner request selection.

I also have Version 9.13.2, maybe I missed an option or something…

That’s the “Collection Runner”.

Click … on the collection name > select “run collection” > tick or untick the calls you want to include.

To clarify, you don’t click on the folder you want to run, you click the parent collection.


Hi again,

thanks a lot for the screen recording, it really help understand each other.
I see that I did not managed to express my problem clearly enough.

if you have 10 request in a given (sub)folder, you need to click 10x to select them. I wish to click only once and select all the requests from the folder.

Ahhh yeh, I just tried it, see what you mean. I’m not aware of a way of selecting a folder in that way.

The only thing I could suggest as a workaround is to create a new collection and drag the folder into it, so that the collection runner only picks up that folder. For example;


I think folder selection within the collection runner would be a prime candidate for a feature request.
You could submit it here

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@w4dd325 Thanks for your guidance !

I opened a feature request here:

alternative if the folder(s) you want to run are at the beginning of the collection:

add this in the test of the last request you want to run
postman.setNextRequest(null); // stop collection runner

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For reference, @dannydainton has added two excellent examples for this in the feature request comments.

This used to be something I could do in the app, I was last in v7 and now have jumped to v9. I would select the run button and a runner drawer would open, then I could drill down into the sub folder I wanted. After that the runner would open with the selected folder open so I could select or deselect requests. Not sure why this was neglected or taken out. It was really useful as my test collection has multiple feature tests separated by folder, most with a setup/test/teardown folder structure and easily 100+ requests in the run. Selecting individual requests is just not feasible if I’m troubleshooting one feature in the app.

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