Overflow Menu options in Request and Header Tab

Postman UI - Default view / Zoom percentage - Menu items in Request and Response tab get hidden.

  1. Split Window / Two Pane View – Request and Response Menu, ALL options displayed.

There is too much space after Test Results option in Response section. But still the menu gets minimized when we move the split screen window of Request and Response by a cm !


  1. Really difficult tool to work with when handling multiple API / Collections and switching between requests.
    a. Have to constantly minimize the collections window to see all the Menu options.
    b. Or when collections window is open in Two Pane view mode, Have to keep clicking the overflow menu to switch Tab from Header to Body or other options in both Request and Response menu.

When Switching between multiple API in Collections – Menu options in Request and response section are hidden.
Have to always expand the menu and click the Header / Body / Status / Cookies in both Request and Header Menu section.
And also we have to keep minimizing the Collections pane in Split window / Two Pane view. It is a very poor user experience. Too many clicks just to view the information which can be accessed by single click on Menu options , if they were displayed instead of being minimized / hidden !