Runner and Import menu in the Postman

My question:
How to get Runner and Impor Menu in my Postman application?
I am learning and I see that in the youtube explanation, I see that beside New, there is Import and Runner as menus.
But I do not find Runner in my application. V9.20.0, I am about to test Data Driven, using the data in .csv format and using Runner.

Details (like screenshots):

How I found the problem:
I am following a tutorial in youtube and I am about to test Data Driven to load data from .csv file instead of hardcoding.

I’ve already tried:

I tried to search for Runner and as attached I see a runner log etc but doesn’t get the runner functionality I am looking for.

hI @acernz

Click on the … menu;

I think it also expands if you close the “documentation” too

Thank you. But I do not see the option of adding Runner or Import options to the menu ?
Is the design changed in the version I use. Is this Runner same as Runner from the menu as per this picture ?
Is the Runner or Import same where I get them when I search ?

That image is from an older version of the platform, in the latest versions those have been placed elsewhere on the UI.

From your original image, I can see that you’re in a Public Workspace so the import option is disabled. Try switching to a non Public Workspace to see the enabled Import button.

The runner can be opened from multiple locations, the main button is now on the bottom menu bar but you can also open the runner from a collections ‘three dots’ option from the sidebar and alse open it from an opened collection/folder/request tab.

More information can be found on the learning center:

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Thank you very much. I really appreciate your help.
I will follow the links you have provided.
Thanks again.