Can't sign in to postman desktop

My question:
Can’t sign in to postman desktop.
I click sign-in on upper right, selected my account to signin, redirects to ok, postman desktop pops up, and Im still not signed in.

I’ve already tried:

  • closed all chrome tab/ closed chrome, close postman, signin
  • restart computer
  • clear cache in postman desktop
  • used email instead of google signin
  • use the token given to signin

This is Postman v10.12.0


Did you solve it? I had the same problem. :thinking:

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Unfortunately no :frowning: I ended up using another computer for solely postman workspace.

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I solved this problem! Delete this folder, then restart Postman, and you can sign in as before. Hope it works for you.


It helped in resolving my issue. Thanks!

Thank you so much! This worked for me

you save my day!!! many thanks~

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Many thanks, yuyuan99, it resolved my issue too.

Where is this on mac?

I removed directory $HOME/Library/Application\ Support/Postman/ then reinstalled Postman on M2 mac and I was finally able to login.


Thank you mgreci, I’ll correct your solution a bit for what helped me

Mac Book Pro M1
Step 1 - remove postman
Step 2 - the folder you need is located along the path /Users/User_Name /Library/Application Support/Postman
after you find this directory, clear all logs and cookies in it
Step 3 - Reinstall Postman and repeat the login process


Can confirm, deleting /Users/User_Name /Library/Application Support/Postman folder worked for me too

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