Can't install postman on mac

I created new account and trying to install desktop version of postman on mac. While installing I am getting following screen

If I click on Sign out, nothing happen.

Please help me.

Hey @kavimukh :wave:

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Do you have Team account that you’re working with? Do you have another version of Postman on your machine?

Was this a Download from the Postman site?

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Hello @dannydainton Sir,

  1. Yes I was having team account previously. So I created new account.
  2. I was having previous account and version on Mac, but that got reformated and I tried to install postman from Download Postman | Get Started for Free

@dannydainton Sir, I was able to get the DeskTop version. I deleted postman folder from ~/Library/Application Support and created new account and able to login. Thanks for your help & Time to look into this issue.

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Thanks for the information! :pray:

Was the new account using the same email? Or the same domain?

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