Can't connect second API to second Bitbucket Cloud repository

I have successfully connected one API with one Bitbucket Cloud repository. When I make a second API in the same team Workspace I cannot connect it to a second Bitbucket Cloud repository as all the “Connect repository” options in the API overview screen are greyed out (GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab Saas, Azure DevOps). I see the same problem if I make another team Workspace, then make a new API within that new Workspace, and then try to connect that API to a Bitbucket repository.

If I hover over any of the greyed out options I see a tooltip “Upgrade your plan to link this API to a repository”. I am currently on the Basic plan. I cannot find any information on the limitations on the number of Bitbucket/Git repositories for each Postman plan. I am using Postman 10.0.35. I’ve looked in the other Community messages and Postman Github issues but I cannot find an existing issue that matches my problem.

I believe that I should be able to have one Bitbucket repository for each API. Is it simply the case that the Basic plan does not support this?

Hi @dave-trainor

Based on “Upgrade your plan to link this API to a repository”, it sounds like it is a limitation of the basic plan. Tried it myself and see the same message, unfortunately, I guess they can’t give everything away for free.

You might be able to contact support for a definitive answer.

Thanks for your reply. Good to know that someone else is seeing the same thing! If it is simply a plan-based issue I find it strange that it doesn’t seem to be documented anywhere. In the Plan Comparison page it just talks about “Native Git Support” and mentions that on-premises repositories are only supported on the Enterprise Plan. I’ll contact Support and see if they can shed any light on this. Thanks again for your help.