Best way to sync APIs between devs on the free version - is "connect to repository" free?

We integrate with many 3rd parties, and each has 100+ api calls. We have around 20 environments.
We have about 20 devs who use the apis.
We have 2 or 3 devs who add new apis or modify them.

We put exports of all the collections and envs into our devops git repo.
devs occasionally pull new versions.
2 or 3 lead devs add new api calls, export them, commit them and push them via command line.

I have seen there is an option to “connect to a repository”.

Is this free? how does this work?

using git on the command line for push/pull is somewhat tedious, but the time taken do do the above does not add up to the $12/m per user if we only use it to save doing a pull request every few weeks. We dont need any of the features in the basic plan other than to sync request definitions via git, will never need calls to postman api, integrations or custom domains. We cant even imagine use cases for any of these, as we dont publish APIs (other than internally), we only consume them.