Connecting a new organization that I have been added to

Connecting a new organization to my GitHub linked account

I am trying to import a json file from a repository that is part of an organization into the API section of Postman.

The difficulty that I am having is that I also have my personal GitHub account linked to Postman and whenever I click the link to add a different organization after going to APIs => Import => clicking the little GutHub logo => then clicking the small text hyperlink that says something like “add a differnt organization” all that happen is that GitHub logs me in to the existing account and I can’t see the repositories that I have made in the orgs account.

Is there a way to get around this because I am just going in circles?

Hey @birddog-davek :wave:

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I believe this is a specific GitHub problem :frowning:

A potential solution that the team found recently is:

  • Go to
    • Should be in the “Authorized OAuth Apps” tab
  • Search for the “Postman” App
  • Click on the app name i.e. “Postman”
  • There you will see a section of “Organization access”
    • If you see the relevant org, click on the “Grant” button next to it
  • And then follow the steps APIs => Import => clicking the little GitHub logo => then clicking the small text hyperlink to add a different organization.

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