Basic tier limits

I am almost ready to upgrade from free to basic!

I just want to double check the monthly limit increases.

  • team members: 3 β†’ unlimited
  • Flows: 5 β†’ ?
  • Flows credits: ? β†’ ?
  • Manual Collection Runner Runs: 25 β†’ ?

Hey @atorrenosensei :wave:

All of the information around the different limits for the plans can be found here:

Some of the questions I have are not answered by that page.

Free tier

I found collection runs, and collaborators, but couldn’t find Flows count, or Flows credits.

I’m trying to understand if I need to purchase the add-ons for my use case.

The information is covered on the Add-on sections towards the bottom of the page. You may have missed this as there is a dropdown to select a specific add-ons.

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@atorrenosensei on the free tier, you’re limited to 5 flows. Paid add-ons remove this restriction.

k, so that means moving up from free tier to basic tier is not enough. I must upgrade to basic tier and buy

  • the flows add-on to get unlimited flows
  • the manual collection runs add-on to get unlimited manual runs

There is no bump with getting basic tier seats alone? For example: From 5 flows to 10 flows, and from 25 runs to 50 runs?

Because I don’t need unlimited flows and unlimited manual collection runner runs, just more than the free tier offers. But if I have to jump from $19/user/month to $19 + $12 + $49 that’s a hard pill to swallow.