New licence mode (Plan) and Collection Runner limit


Seems to me that there are some confusing communications out there…

Announce from Postman, email received the 1st May

• Collection Runner limit change: Moving forward, we are simplifying Collection Runner limits to 25 runs per user, per month for new plan purchases. However, for existing Professional teams, we are maintaining the previous limit of 250 runs per team, per month. If you would like to switch to the new user-based Collection Runner limit, submit a support request, and we’d be happy to transition your team. See our v11 FAQ for more information on Collection Runner changes.

Now, on the blog…

How many Collection Runs do users without the Collection Runner add-on have?
Beginning May 1, 2024, Postman users across all plan types will receive 25 collection runs per month with their base license. Previously, teams were limited to 250 collection runs per team/month.
Current customers on the Enterprise Essentials and Professional plans have the option to maintain the previous limit of 250 runs per team/month if they so choose. If you wish to switch to the old model with a team-based run limit, submit a support request. We are happy to honor this adjustment to your plan.

Should we ask the support to stay on a 250 runs/team/month ?
Or should we ask if we want to switch on a 25 runs/user/month ?



Hi @ddegey.

Thank you for pointing this out.

The email comms are correct, and the packaging blog has been updated accordingly.

We are maintaining the previous limit of 250 runs/team/month for existing Professional teams. Users can request to switch to new user-based Collection Runner limit of 25 runs/user/month.

Hi @gbadebo-bello,

Thanks for the clarification.
Could you also tell us what happens for a renewal ?




Could we have a clear answer here ?
What will happend for a renewal ?
Will it fall automatically back to your new rule 25 runs/users/month ?
Keeping the 250runs/team/month will still be an option ?