Flows on Basic plan

Hi everyone,

I have to admit, I’ve come here to complain… :grimacing:

We were using Flows on the free plan, and we’ve recently moved onto the Basic plan (~$700 per year), anticipating collaboration using Flows… Only to find out that it’s not available!

Since when in the history of software do you pay to get fewer features!!??

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Hey @jtdiom :wave:

Thanks for reaching out and for your interest in Flows. We have just launched Flows General availability for Free plans and Annual Professional plans.

Although Flows isn’t available on the Basic plan yet, we’re currently working towards availability for all plans. Please stay tuned. :slightly_smiling_face:

In the meantime, here are a few options if you need to continue working with Flows:

  • Using Flows on a Free team.
  • Upgrade to an annual Professional team.