6.0.2 Mac app hangs on startup

Yesterday I upgraded Postman (native, macOS) to version 6.sth but since doing that it just hangs and won’t even show the startup window (with the planet spinner) unless I click on the icon in the dock. I have looked at the devtools as per the Support sections and it shows the following error: https://cl.ly/pduS

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find a way to open a support ticket in the help centre as it kept bouncing me around in a loop.

I have tried clearing the cache folder as also suggested in the help centre but this has not helped. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



Hi Mike,

Sorry to hear that you are having trouble with Postman 6.0.

This is a major release that includes, among other things, changes to the format we store data locally for more stability. We are slowly rolling this version out to select users at the moment and we are tracking some issues in v6.0.2 that might prevent the app from starting due to discrepancies in the local data.

We have fixed these issues in our Canary channel, and we highly recommend using the Canary version for faster updates. (https://www.getpostman.com/canary)

Apologies for the inconvenience and thank you for your continued support.

Many thanks for your assistance - I can confirm that the Canary version of the application starts up with no problem. One remaining issue is that I have a local, non-shared collections of API calls in the stable version which don’t appears to have copied across - do you have any ideas on what I can do to restore them?

Hey Mike,

Can you make sure that you are in the My Workspace section of your workspaces list?

We sync all the collections you are having in the Postman app to our servers if you are signed in and sync enabled.

Can you send an email to help[at]getpostman[dot]com from your registered email address, that would help us in debugging the problem much easier and faster regarding the collections you are not seeing in the canary application.